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Guidelines Retention of Student Records

Guidelines – Retention of Student Records

At Athabasca University (AU), the Office of the Registrar is responsible for maintaining the official student record. Other AU offices and employees may have or receive copies of certain records to enable them to carry out their responsibilities and provide service to the student.

For a complete list of student records maintained by the Office of the Registrar see Schedule A of the Student Confidentiality Procedures.

The Office of Registrar will maintain the official student record according to the Athabasca University Student Confidentiality Policy – Schedule A.

Other AU offices and employees will maintain the copy in their custody according to their needs and requirements.

If an AU office or employee maintains a student record that is not part of the official student record in the office of the Registrar, then they must determine what the retention and disposition of these records will be.

Records that are used by employees to make a decision affecting an individual must be retained for one year from the date it was used.

Updated May 30 2014 by Office of the University Secretariat

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