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Athabasca University

General Faculties Council (GFC)

The General Faculties Council (GFC), subject to the authority of the board, is responsible for the academic and student affairs of the University. The powers of GFC are set out under section 26 of the Post-Secondary Learning Act and section 13 of the Athabasca University Regulation, and include granting degrees, approval of academic programs, academic policies, academic awards and the University Calendar. 

The GFC Rules (pdf) set out the terms of office for and responsibilities of members, rules of order for meetings, GFC’s standing committees and their membership composition.

GFC has delegated responsibility and authority to Standing Committees to make decisions on its behalf as defined in the Terms of Reference & Membership for each Committee.  The Standing Committees are:

Briefing Notes (for Agenda submissions)

Updated July 25 2019 by Office of the University Secretariat

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