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Athabasca University


The following guidelines have been produced to assist staff in dealing with personal information of staff, students and the public. If you have any suggestions for additional guidelines or any comments or questions about Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy, please email

  1. AU Employees Providing Written and Verbal References for Other Employees and Students
  2. Checklist for Review of Athabasca University Forms that Collect Personal Information
  3. Confidential Records and Information
  4. Collection of Personal Information
  5. Collection of Personal Information Notification Statements
  6. Correction of Personal Information: Employees
  7. Correction of Personal Information: Students
  8. Disclosing Personal Information to a Student that the Personal Information is about over the Telephone
  9. Disclosure of Employee Personal Information to the Employee that the personal Information is about
  10. Disclosure of Employee Personal Information to Third Parties
  11. Disclosure of General Information
  12. Disclosure of Student Personal Information to Third Parties
  13. Disclosure of Student Personal Information to the Student that the Personal Information is about
  14. Distribution of Graded Examinations and Assignments
  15. Duty to Assist Applicants and Respond to Applicants Making Requests to Access Information
  16. Employees Storing Personal Records or Records of Another Organization in Their Office or at Their Workstation
  17. Facsimile Transmissions
  18. Handling Personal Information Provided in Confidence
  19. Posting Student Grades
  20. Record Keeping Tips
  21. Retention and Disposal of Student Exams and Assignments
  22. Retention of Student Records
  23. Transitory Records
  24. Use of Social Insurance Numbers
  25. Sending Email that Contains Sensitive or Confidential Information
  26. Consent Form for Release of Personal Information about an Individual by AU Employees
  27. An Overview of the FOIP Act and Record Keeping Guidelines for AU Employees Performing Tutorial Functions
  28. Authentication of Identity; Providing Information to Students via Telephone
  29. FOIP Act and the Hiring Process
  30. FOIP - A Guide for New Employees
  31. Best Practices - Security Precautions for Laptops and Portable Devices
  32. Best Practices - Protecting Information Out of the Office and in Home Offices

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