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Personal Information Banks (PIB)

The act requires the university to make available for inspection and copying a directory that lists the personal information banks maintained by the university. 

A Personal Information Bank (PIB) is a collection of personal information organized or retrievable by the name of an individual or by an identifying number, symbol or other particular assigned to an individual.

A PIB has three key components:

  • it contains personal information
  • it takes the form of a collection
  • it is organized or retrievable by the name or an identifying number, symbol or other particular assigned to an individual

For paper records the file or card label must be labeled and organized by a personal identifier such as surname (i.e. personnel files or staff phone list which are organized and retrieved by name).

For electronic records, even though the database may not be identified by a personal identifier, most can be searched by any data field (i.e. a Christmas card mailing list; a student information database; a library database).

Personal Information Banks Templates

For further Information on Personal Information Banks:

Service Alberta's - Guide to Identifying Personal Information Banks

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