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Athabasca University

About the Policies and Procedures Manual

This website provides a central location for policies and procedures currently in effect that have been approved in accordance with the Policy Framework - Governing Policy. This site is intended to function as a convenient point of reference for all members of the university community. The policies and procedures available here, taken together, form the university's policy and procedure manual.

The Athabasca University policy and procedure manual is maintained and issued by the Office of the University Secretariat. It is the official source for Athabasca University's policies and procedures. The policy and procedure manual applies to all units under the jurisdiction of Athabasca University (whether located in Athabasca, Edmonton, or Calgary; or at off-site locations) unless otherwise noted.

The Athabasca University policy and procedure manual is a public document.

The Office of the University Secretariat considers the online, published version of all policies and procedures as part of the policy and procedures manual to be the official records. 

Questions regarding content of a particular policy should be directed to the policy sponsor, as noted in the policy.

Questions regarding the manual should be directed to:

Updated June 21 2018 by Office of the University Secretariat

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