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Athabasca University

Development & Maintenance

The Policy Framework - Governing Policy and Policy Framework - Procedures were approved by the Board of Governors on May 25, 2018, instituting a consistent and unified approach for the development and management of university policies and procedures.  This approach to policy development:

  • Clearly sets out the principles for policy and procedure development;
  • Simplifies the categorization of policy into three categories:  Board, Academic, or Administrative;
  • Clearly delineates responsibilities for the development, maintenance, approval, implementation, and review of policies and procedures;
  • Standardizes unified policy and procedure templates;
  • Mandates a five year review period for policies and procedures.


Developing new policies and procedures

New university policies and procedures may be developed as required in accordance with Policy Framework - Governing Policy and Policy Framework - Procedures.  The Policy Sponsors are responsible for the development of new policies within the scope of their authority or portfolios.  Once a need for a new policy is identified, Policy Sponsors should engage the Policy Coordinator to ensure the necessary steps, consultations, and approvals are planned.  Questions on the new policy and procedures should be directed to

Updated June 21 2018 by Office of the University Secretariat

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